Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Final Practice Exam
180 Questions - 220 minutes

This exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions. Each time you practice this exam, the software select by random 180 question from a question bank that contains over 300 different questions (Exam #1, #2 plus #3). The questions selected for this practice exams are representative of the relevant topics covered and the most common questions in the actual Air Conditioning & Refrigeration NATE/ICE Certification license exam.

The main topics covered in this set of practice exams are: Refrigeration Theory, Refrigeration Safety, General Safety Practices, Refrigeration Process and Components, Refrigerants, Lubricants, Compressors, Air Cooled Condensers, Water cooled Condensers, Evaporator coils, Metering Devices, Thermostatic Expansion Valves, Services Valves, Leak Detection, Recovery Equipment, Piping, Soldering & Brazing, Manifold Gauges, System Evacuation, Refrigerant Charging, Maths and Psychrometric charts.

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These questions will help you in your preparation to take the official license exam in the following certification NATE certification tests: Commercial Refrigeration Installation (RC-IN), Commercial Refrigeration Service (RC-SV), Light Commercial Refrigeration Installation (RL-IN), Light Commercial Refrigeration Service (RL-SV), Air Conditioning Installation (AC-IN), Air Conditioning Installation Service (AC-SV), Heat Pump Installation (HP-IN), Heat Pump Service (HP-SV) and ARI-ICE

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NATE ICE Certification AC - Air Conditioning Refrigeration - Practice Exam   NATE ICE Certification AC - Air Conditioning Refrigeration - Practice Exam